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Ready! Ride! Rack!


Bike & Scooter Availability

When bikes and scooters are available, the icon will appear at the bottom of your E-Mile app

Screenshot 2022-02-08 173026_edited.jpg

Scan and Unlock

1. Open the app to locate nearby scooters and bikes. The App can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Scan or to unlock.

Scan-and-Unlock new.jpg

Start Riding

Follow all traffic rules, stick to the streets and bike lanes where legally permitted. Avoid sidewalks unless absolutely necessary for safety. 

Start-Riding new.jpg

Pause When Needed

Make a stop during a ride anytime by simply tapping Pause. Need to take a quick break? Just tap the Lock to hold your scooter until you're ready again.

Pause-When-Needed new.jpg

Return The Scooter

Return the scooter or bike to any parking spot to end your ride. Please use coil to secure the fleet for next E-Mile rider. If there isn't any space at the bike rack, please find the next closest parking spot.

Be a good citizen and park responsibly! :)

Return-The-Scooter new.jpg

& Bike Parking

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